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YES visits the spiritual head of the Yezidis



If requested from YES the spiritual head of the Yezidis invited your holiness to Mir Tehsin Beg on the 24.07.2008 board members of YES to himself. Including the uppermost representative of the Iraqi Yezidis in Europe was also Mr. Nader Doxati. Mr. Doxati is from the Iraqi government in this office were chosen. Your holiness to Mir Tehsin Beg prepared a very warmhearted and friendly receipt. First the board of directors of YES the hand over of the honouring congratulated for the title of the peace ambassador between the religions (this honouring was recently handed over him in the USA for his extraordinary salaries). YES board of directors expressed his big joy at the meeting of your holiness with the pope and hopes for positive effects. Thus his idea the Yezidis also became in Germany because the biggest municipality in the Diaspora is there to pay a visit, welcomes very much. Moreover, it was mentioned that in spite of the sad and compulsive emigration of the Yezidis to Europe also many doors and borders of the continuing education and the progress have opened for them. For the wide mediation of the cultural and integral values in the local society many associations were founded under different name. Nevertheless, most of these associations are led sadly by people who either stand in the shade of certain politics or let go by their selfish and uneducated life state kind person in the emptiness. For called reasons the ways are obstructed for an intelligent lobby work. YES has demonstrated his conviction that this situation can be overcome only by a change in leadership of these associations and with the help of learnt youngsters and personalities. Your holiness to Mir Tehsin Beg was of the same view to protect it, however, his neutrality he wanted to finish speaking for no certain association or comment on the work of these associations