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BLZ: 480 501 61
Sparkasse Bielefeld

Event(Arrangement) in Hildesheim



Yezidi-European Society has carried out on the 24.11.2007 in Hildesheim, an event of information to the announcement(public notice) of the draught(plan) by inc.(registered society) YES for êzîdîs scholars and graduates(academicians). The personalities which deal with the topic YEZIDISM already for a long time took part in the event(arrangement). After a detailed statement of the plan v. Inc.(Registered society) YES by 1. One passed over chairperson(president) Dr. Izzettin Akay and two other(farther), short seminar paper by other(farther) board members in a very active panel discussion. In particular the subject Integration of the Ezîdis was discussed fully in Europe very in detail. By a final assessment(valuation) of the plan v. All guests(company) the plan welcomed inc.(registered society) YES and promised her(their) full support. However, it was made also clear that such a plan, on account of his(its) extent(circumference) of a big(great) support on the part of êzîdîs Youth(Young people) and intellectual and state(national) institutions needs.r On this occasion, the defective cooperation of the single êzîdîs associations was also mentioned in Europe together.